Cattle Wanda

A fair blend is normally arranged in such a way, that 3.5 to 4 Kg of it will increase 10 liters of milk generation. Ordinarily, in dairy creatures, this blend is encouraged at a rate of ½ of the milk yield (one Kg of concentrate blend for every two liters of milk). Wanda feeding is necessary for dairy animals because maize, barley or oat and oilseed cake alone cannot meet the requirements properly. If maize, sorghum or barley is considered for the feeding of 400kg lactating buffalo yielding 10 liters milk, about 7kg grain will be needed to provide the protein requirement. Additionally, when high protein oilcake like groundnut and till cakes issued as the single concentrate, the abundance of protein is squandered and the proportion among protein and starch is likewise aggravated which influences milk creation.

The ingredients in wanda should be used according to following ratio:

Different formulations for Wanda – Cattle Feed for milking animals are given below:

Enough availability of Wanda – Cattle Feed, offers huge potential for production of Wanda – Cattle meal. Initially, only Punjab-based farmers will be encouraged to feed their animals on this meal but, later on, it could be made available across the country.