About Us

Mukhtar Agro Farmer Solution is an agribusiness firm registered in Lahore, Pakistan for the purpose of farming, food processing and consultancy. The firm owns a number of medium sized farms in the different rural areas of Punjab Province.

Major products of these firms are Corn Silage / Maize Silage and Wanda – Cattle food processing. We are own manufacturer of Corn Silage with machinery processed and reduce the process for 40 days to 7 days to fulfill the consumption of market and as well as save the farmers’ crops. Throughout these years, the firm owner who are agriculturalists with specialization in intensive and extensive dairy and beef production systems have gained a lot of entrepreneurial skills which they intend to put to good use for the future development of the firm.

Company Objectives

  • To use improved crop and livestock production technologies; and innovative marketing techniques for maximum enterprises profitability.
  • To form mutually beneficial partnerships with individual farmers, local and foreign investors, farmer groups/associations, traders, whole sellers and enter strategic partnerships with serious investors in agri-business including crop, forage and livestock value chains.
  • To process and market quality crop and livestock products at prices that are high enough to meet all production, marketing and management costs along the way making profit.


We believes in, "Relations and honesty brings business", and stand on the 6 firm pillars as stated below,


We conduct every prospect of business with candidness and transparency.


We consider each entity involved in the business, right from a supplier to the customer as the backbone of our organization.


We make every effort to achieve the maximum possible standards to deliver what we promise to customers and suppliers.


We make sure we take resposibility for the trust and faith the customer has shown towards us.


We demonstrate team work and build strong sustainable relationships with internal and external stakeholders.


Comitment not only goes to the customer, but it reaches further to societies, communinties and countries in which we work. The group takes a special foot ahead in keeping up the said commitments.