Welcome to mukhtar agro

Mukhtar Agro Farmer Solution is an agribusiness firm registered in Lahore, Pakistan for the purpose of farming, Animal Feed processing and consultancy. The firm owns a number of medium-sized farms in the different rural areas of Punjab Province.

Major products of the firm are Silage (Corn/Maize) and processed feed (Wanda). We are the manufacturer of Silage with state of the art machinery through which manufacturing has been reduced from 40 days to 7 days, while shelf life has been increased up to 1 year. By doing the same enable us to address the demand of the market through the year, as well as save reduce waste in the farmer’s crops. Throughout these years, the firm owner who is an agriculturalist with specialization in intensive and extensive dairy and beef production systems have gained a lot of entrepreneurial skills which they intend to put to good use for the future development of the firm.


To become leading green fodder and feed company is driven by science, technology, and innovation delivering higher values to the customers and ensuring food safety for future generations.


We aim at providing innovative value-added nutritious green fodders and solutions to the dairy farmers by ensuring higher milk yield, better milk quality and more economic returns.

Our Products

Corn Silage

To preserve the fodder in the green succulent form at low pH under anaerobic condition to microbes is called silage.

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Cattle Wanda

There should be adequate amount of fermentable carbohydrates and more than 65% moisture in fodder selected for silage making.

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Process of Silage